T日本料理店 _【風車のふるまい】
Japanese restaurant ”Kappo” Tsukasa _ 【Gather in the "SAKURA" tree】

所在地 : 兵庫県西宮市 割烹つかさ
主用途 : 飲食店
規模等 : 躯体RC造 44.11㎡
設計期間 : 2016年4月 ~ 2016年6月
施工期間 : 2016年6月 ~ 2016年8月

Adress :   Nishinomiya Hyogo Japan
Use:   "Kappo" ( Japanese restaurant )
Scale etc.: 44.11㎡ 
reinforced concrete construction and ( Cherry blossom ) counter
Design period: April 2016 ~ June 2016
Construction period: June 2016 ~ August 2016

design planning / 意匠設計 : Hajime Kikuchi / 菊池甫
Construction施工 : bricoleur / ブリコルール
また同作は、ARTPLAZA U-40建築家展2016 出品作でもあります。
Created a space where a chef can act like actors on stage.
This is a Japanese restaurant in Nishinomiya, Hyogo.
Our client is a chef who trained in Kyoto. He wanted to create a restaurant where local people can visit easily. So we create a space where they could get together and see his skills.
The architecture is clearly zoned in two spaces, the audience space and the cooking space. And largefurniture is planned to straddle both spaces. A chef and guests act along with this wooden furniture. Cook or taste the food and enjoy the conversation. The main aim of this project is to create a space where both guests and a chef can act independently.
The counter is made of "SAKURA" (cherry blossom) . SAKURA are cherished by local people. So We chose this tree as a place for everyone togather. Create valuable behavior for both the store and the town. We thought that would be a catalyst for this place to become popular. 
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